A legacy of
enhancing life. This is our story.

At huMannity Medtec, we’re in a unique position to make a real difference in people’s lives—and we never take it for granted.

On a Mission to Make a Difference

huMannity is a non-profit medical research organization that pioneers life-enhancing medical technologies for undermet healthcare needs. For nearly 40 years, every move we’ve made has been in pursuit of this mission.

We Believe:

In being purpose-driven and people-focused

Our intent never wavers. We’re here to meet the unmet medical needs of many.

That a warm welcome goes a long way

We strive to spark curiosity, invite exploration and celebrate our partners.

That staying disciplined is a process

We practice “first-principles thinking” to better design innovative solutions to real human problems.

In remaining hungry and ambitious

We’re proud of our legacy, but are always looking to our future.

That staying excited never gets old

We work to improve real lives every day. It doesn’t get better than that.

Built by one
man for many

To Alfred E. Mann, living for himself was seldom an option. After starting successful aerospace and medical device companies, he dedicated his life to making sure that others enjoyed theirs.

In 1985, he founded the Alfred E. Mann Foundation for Scientific Research. This 501(c)(3) medical research organization built its storied success by leveraging an exceptional team and world-class equipment in pursuit of solutions for under-met medical needs.

Four decades later, the Foundation—now huMannity Medtec—is determined to carry the spirit of Al Mann as it moves forward, celebrating new generations of curious thinkers and makers and developing the medical technologies of the future.

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Peerless leadership from day 1

Joe Schulman (1935-2020) was the founding CEO of The Alfred E. Mann Foundation for Scientific Research (now huMannity Medtec). The lead scientist behind the rechargeable implantable pacemaker, Dr. Schulman spent the next 20+ years guiding our team through a series of exciting, impactful projects that resulted in the development of several groundbreaking medical innovations, including the first cochlear implant with bi-directional telemetry, and the first injectable micro-stimulator to restore function to impaired limbs and organs. We at huMannity continue to benefit from the principles Dr. Schulman established during our early years.

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